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How 85-Year Old Woman Was Healed of Chronic Skin Allergy and Able to Eat Anything

Have you ever experienced having your skin flare up red and itchy after eating certain kinds of foods and you want to scratch them till they bleed?

This elderly villager from Villa Rosas, Burauen, Philippines  has been experiencing such kind of severe skin itchiness (contact dermititis) ever since her younger years which became more frequent and pronounced when she reached the age of 60.

Her skin would flare when able to eat certain kinds of foods. She could her skin getting irritated with certain seafoods like squid and shrimp, frequent coffee drinking, eggs, eggplant, beans and many more.

There had been times when she would scald her skin with hot towel or hot bottle just to ease the itch. Only a trip to the skin specialist with rounds of oral medications involving steroid drugs and creams would stop the itch. Sometimes, they got infected and needed further treatment.

Several years ago, a course of treatment prescribed by skin specialists would do the trick. In a matter of days, the irritation would be gone.

But it was not the case when she reached 85.

In May 2016, it started as a small red spot. A dose of anti-histamine  would stop the itch for a while but after a few days it would recur. Later, most foods she took would cause red spots to occur and wider in size. As months went by, the itchiness worsened.

She had very little food choices left because almost anything she ate made her skin flare up red and very itchy, flaky and bleed from scratching. The whole of her left arm was affected. It was torture to be deprived from eating her favorite foods.

She could not sleep because of the itch. The steroid creams and many other expensive applications only stopped the flare for a few days but they kept returning worse than before. She had been prescribed oral medications as well but the relief was temporary.

After 6 months, she lost weight immensely due to lack of sleep. She would often scald her arm with a cup of hot water until it hurt, just to stop the itch. The skin was inflamed. This went on until her daughter learned about Quantumin Plus through a friend on November 2016.

She bought the smallest bottle and gave it to her mother.  A few drops was applied to the itchy parts three times a day and a few drops added to her drinking water. The redness and thickness of the red spots diminished within a few days of putting the drops. Within 2 weeks, the skin was completely healed and the itch never returned. Afterwards, she had been able to eat anything she desired. She could not believe it. Her regret is that she was not able to take a photo of the terrible skin condition before the application of the drops so that others who suffer from such an ordeal will be inspired.

Since then, Quantumin Plus has become a part of the family’s medicine kit. Family members use it for itchiness caused by insect bites, allerginic foods and exposure to itchy weeds.

The daughter learned that the major ingredient of Quantumin Plus is ZEOLITE, a mineral substance from volcanic rocks formed from volcanic ash and sea salts. Many people testify that it has healed their health issues when drugs failed to address.

When we think about volcano eruption, we immediately associate it with destruction. What most of us do not know is that it is the source of elements that works wonders on our health.

If you have a family member with chronic skin flare-ups, you may want to try this popular product that has been featured many times in Philippine television.

When all course of treatments have failed, you have nothing to lose in trying alternative methods.

Quantumin Plus


We prescribe eating foods, especially allergy-causing foods, in moderation. Having a healthy immune system is the best way to stay safe from allergic reactions. When you experience healing of your skin allergies after trying this product, never abuse your new found freedom with food by over indulging in allergy-causing foods.

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