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See a Bondi Junction Osteopath for Back Pain

Osteopathy can treat back pain with a combination of spinal manipulation and other medical treatments. These manipulation techniques are often used in conjunction with pain medicines, muscle relaxants, spinal injections, electrical stimulation, and surgery. Here, patients can learn how a Bondi Junction osteopath can help them live a healthy, pain-free life.

Treating Back Pain With Osteopathy

Almost 80% of people suffer from periodic back pain, and millions suffer from chronic pain. Back injuries make up a significant percentage of disability claims, and acute pain is the most common reason for disability in workers under the age of 45. Moreover, lower back pain is the most common reason for a visit to a doctor of osteopathy. In addition to treatment of acute pain, osteopathy is an effective way to treat pain from sprains, strains, and scoliosis.

Treatment Methods

With his or her hands, an osteopath examines the patient’s back and other body parts to find the source of pain that can indicate an impairment or injury. Osteopathic treatment can relieve pain by stretching muscles and ligaments, decreasing muscle spasms, and restoring the normal movement and mechanics of the vertebrae. Osteopaths can advise patients on pain-relieving techniques involving exercise, posture, diet, and stress management.

The Safety of Osteopathy

While they do occur, complications from osteopathy treatments are rare. Manipulation techniques may result in a short-term increase in soreness or pain, but it quickly disappears. Although direct manipulation is typically more effective in eliminating pain than an indirect manipulation is, the former has a higher chance of causing complications. Osteopathic treatment is not appropriate for patients with ligament damage, joint or bone infection, bone cancer, spinal fusion, and osteoporosis. The treatment is not recommended for those who have recently had joint surgery or those taking blood thinners such as warfarin or aspirin.

While there are other medical ways to manage back pain, osteopathy is a drug-free, non-invasive way to treat the underlying causes of a patient’s discomfort. By learning about the safety, efficacy, and treatment methods of osteopathy, a potential patient can learn how to set his or her expectations to a reasonable level before they receive treatment.

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