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Make Your Own Economical Effective Immune System Booster

With so many needs and wants competing for your budget, it is practical to make  your own health remedy that is economical but works!

Moringa leaves – nutrient-dense, anti-microbial, medicinal. Use it to boost your immune system to ward off cough, flu, cold and various ailments.

Raw moringa leaves are much more potent in protecting your body from diseases and in giving you extra energy compared to cooked ones.   However, raw leaves are not very pleasant to eat.

Make your own moringa capsules for great savings. All you need to buy are empty capsules which happen to be very cheap. You can obtain empty capsules from your local pharmacy or buy online.

empty capsules

Empty Capsules. Click photo to buy online.

When raw moringa leaves are placed inside empty capsules, you will get the full benefits without struggling with taste. It is also very quick to prepare compared to using a blender. If you have plenty of leaves, you can hang it in a clean place and make capsules everyday. Take 2 to 4 capsules each day. Use capsule size 00 or 01 for easy swallowing.

For children who cannot take capsules, put in leaves in the blender, mix with pineapple for a nice tasting juice.

If you have no fresh leaves, you can buy powdered leaves to fill your empty capsules.

moringa powder

Moringa powder. Click photo for products online.

You can also buy ready-made moringa capsules but it will cost you more on per capsule basis.

moringa capsules

Moringa capsules. Click photo to see brands for sale.