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September is Organic Food Products Month

September is Organic Food products month! Organic September, an annual campaign by UK’s Soil Association, is designed to raise consumer awareness on the benefits of choosing organic food products over synthetic ones. These include organic foods and organic supplements and vitamins. What is Organic Food? Organic food is food produced by methods and processes that comply […]

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Making Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd Taste Good

Have you tasted how bitter is bitter melon or bitter gourd? Bitter Gourd, with local name of Ampalaya in the Philippines, is a fruit-vegetable whose health benefits cannot be ignored.  Ampalaya has medicinal benefits for managing diabetes. It contains active substances that reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, it contains several vital nutrients needed by the body. Unfortunately, […]

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How 85-Year Old Woman Was Healed of Chronic Skin Allergy and Able to Eat Anything

Have you ever experienced having your skin flare up red and itchy after eating certain kinds of foods and you want to scratch them till they bleed? This elderly villager from Villa Rosas, Burauen, Philippines  has been experiencing such kind of severe skin itchiness (contact dermititis) ever since her younger years which became more frequent and […]

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