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Do Turmerics Really Heal?

Turmeric is popular nowadays as a diet supplement. Literature is full of discussions about this superfood especially about that substance curcumin found in turmeric.  Does it really work as a natural body healer? From my review of the literature and experiences by others, there is no question that Turmeric helps with many health conditions. However, the […]

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See a Bondi Junction Osteopath for Back Pain

Osteopathy can treat back pain with a combination of spinal manipulation and other medical treatments. These manipulation techniques are often used in conjunction with pain medicines, muscle relaxants, spinal injections, electrical stimulation, and surgery. Here, patients can learn how a Bondi Junction osteopath can help them live a healthy, pain-free life. Treating Back Pain With […]

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How 85-Year Old Woman Was Healed of Chronic Skin Allergy and Able to Eat Anything

Have you ever experienced having your skin flare up red and itchy after eating certain kinds of foods and you want to scratch them till they bleed? This elderly villager from Villa Rosas, Burauen, Philippines  has been experiencing such kind of severe skin itchiness (contact dermititis) ever since her younger years which became more frequent and […]

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