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How to Avoid Cataract Surgery Complications

If your cataract is mature senile have decided to undergo cataract surgery, here are some tips to remember to avoid cataract surgery complications.

These tips were gathered from an expert eye surgeon who has been in practice for several years and renowned for very high success rate with patients. This was confirmed by one of his patients who is now 85 years old who has undergone the procedure several years ago.

You will not find some of the precautions in the literature but these are proven effective. Following these tips will help reduce your chance of having complication.

At least a month before the operation, start regularly taking eye health supplement to make sure your eyes are in good shape. Vitamin C together with Lutein supplement would help make cataracts easier to remove. This will make the operation quicker as well. Some cataracts are like “broken cluttered pieces” in the eyes while some are neat and easy to remove. Two drops daily of eye drops containing N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) would also help to keep eyes fit.

Right after the operation, your eyes will be bandaged with a protective shield. Do not remove it on the first night and be careful not to dislodge it. Usually, your doctor will remove it for you the day after operation after which it would be advisable to wear dark glasses during the day to protect your eyes from the glare.

Within the first week, be sure not to wet your eyes. If you can endure it, do only body baths within the first 7 days.

Do not forget to put the drops prescribed to you. Such drops are anti-bacterial and will prevent infection.

Be careful not to rub your eyes even when you think your eyes are already healed. When taking a bath, close eyes very well so that soap will not enter your eyes.

For 45 days, do not sleep on the side of the eye that had been operated on. So if both eyes have cataracts, it would be best to have them operated with a space of 45 to 60 days.

Do not lift heavy things for 3 months or until eyes have completely recovered. Four kilos is considered heavy. You will know it when your eyes have completely recovered because there will be no unpleasant feelings after certain exertion.

If your operation was the stitch free kind, avoid bowing down too low as it might dislodge the lens. Give it enough time to heal and become part of your eyes.

If your vision remains blurred after a week or so, you may need corrective eyeglasses. Your doctor will tell you when you should have it.

Following these tips may entail some sacrifice but surely you are more likely to enjoy the benefit of cataract operation for a long time.