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Prevent UTI from Coming Back No Drugs

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is often a recurring condition among women. Men can have it too.

Why Prevent UTI?

UTI, when ignored, can result in a serious condition.  UTI can damage the kidneys. It can cause painful symptoms that require hospitalization.

While UTI can be treated with antibiotics, it is best to prevent it from returning again and again. Frequent use of antibiotics is not good for you. It can damage your good cells and weaken your immune system.

How to Cure UTI without Antibiotics or Drugs

Here are some tips to stop your UTI from recurring.

1. Vitamin C is a Must

Vitamin C helps flush bacteria away.  If you want to go for natural sources, try Montmorency cherry or rosehips. These are good sources of natural vitamin C. If you cannot obtain the fruits fresh, there are tarts as well as supplements made from these fruits. You may also take the capsule from extracts of these fruits

2. NO to Food Colors/Preservatives

Food with a high content of food colors and preservatives can trigger the recurrence of UTI. These can also worsen an existing UTI condition. Minimize intake of junk foods, sardines, processed foods to be completely free from UTI.

3. Make Good Hygiene a Habit

Hygiene is important to prevent the bacteria from entering the urinary tract from the outside. Aside from morning and evening wash, have a mid-day wash and if possible, have a change in underwear. Occasionally have a wash of water with a vinegar solution (1:4) to be rinsed after several minutes. For your regular washing, use your favorite feminine was

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water to reduce the high concentration of bacteria in the urine. Drinking cranberry juice is also great.


When you notice that you are not urinating well, you may have UTI.

Do not wait for UTI to cause serious health issues. Keep it out of your life.

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