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Friendly Hack on Your Natural Insect Repellent

Are you exposed every day to mosquitoes and bugs and wonder how you can be protected daily with your favorite natural insect repellent without being hard on your pocket?

Most insect repellent are expensive and if you need to apply generously on your body, this protection can end up costing you a lot per month.

Here’s the good news. You can make a special mixture that gives these benefits:

* longer hours of protection
* better smell
* cheaper on per gram or ml
* pampers your skin

These are what you need:

100 ml of your favorite body lotion
10 ml natural insect repellent. Choose one that you find most effective at warding insects
1 ml jojoba oil

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. You can experiment and adjust the proportion of the above ingredients to achieve the effect you want.

Some body lotion attract insects like flies and bugs. By using the above mixture instead of your plain body lotion, you get many benefits in one application.

Normally, insect repellent once evaporated lose their potency. By doing the above mixture, insect repellent remains on skin for much longer hours. Jojoba oil is added for enhanced moisturizing effect.