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How to Get Rid of Tiny Insect that Entered Your Ear

Ever experienced an insect accidentally entering your ear?

Those who have experienced this could testify how distressing it feels no matter how tiny is the insect that entered your ear like tiny ants, mosquitos and other tiny flying or creeping insects that accidentally gets to your ear as you probably walk in your garden or backyard.

As you wriggle to get the tiny creature out, the insect either bites you or tries to dig deeper into your ear trying to go to the other side of the ear! The wriggling effort of the creature is magnified in your ear drum. There is also danger of the insect ruining your ear drum if the creature is not taken out as soon as possible. Your doctor can easily take it out but if your doctor is several minutes or an hour away, that would be torture.

An easy way to get the creature out at its own will is to ask a family member to blow cigarette smoke into the other side of your ear, the side without the creature. The smoke passes through to the other ear and surely in a short time, that will make the insect backtrack. Once the insect is out, still go to your doctor for prescription drops to prevent infection just in case the insect has bitten the insides of your ear.