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Heal Wounds Fade Scars Fast with Homemade Mixture

This easy-to-prepare homemade formula can help quickly heal your wound and leave no scars too.
This also helps stop wounds bleeding.

This formulation has been sourced from a woman in her 80’s who told that this was their community’s remedy during the second world war when no medicines were available.

One of our staff was able to experience the efficacy of this formula. One day, she stumbled on a rough surface scraping the skin of both her knees. She has been going to the clinic daily for the wound dressing and each time this routine was done, she was tortured by the pain of the wound being cleaned with cotton swabs dipped in chemicals and the dressing changed. After several days, she decided not to go back. She did not change the dressing. Instead, she slowly poured some drops of this mixture into the wounds through the opening of the dressings. Within 2 days, the wound dried. On the third day, the wounds started to heal. Within a few months, it was observed that the scars faded naturally even without the use of any cream.

The formula

What you need
* 1/3 cup coconut oil
* 1 thumb-size ginger root

Peel the ginger and chop it into very tiny pieces (1 to 2 mm).
Heat the coconut oil in the frying fan until it boils.
Deep fry the chopped ginger in the coconut oil until golden brown.
Discard the ginger and pour the oil into a bottle. Store in a dry place.

Wash the wound with soap and warm water. Let dry or pat with cloth
to dry it. Drop a few drops of the oil into the wound. Do this morning and evening.

Coconut oil is also known to be effective in gradually removing stretch marks.