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Heal Tonsillitis Fast Naturally

Tonsillitis can strike anyone. It can be viral or bacterial of origin. It is very painful and taking in food is very difficult.

Per advise of our in-house physician, below are some natural remedies to make tonsillitis heal quickly.

Have a saline gargle made of warm water with salt. This will help soothe your inflamed throat.

Drink warm chicken soup or warm lemon juice with honey. Ginger brew is also soothing.

Suck Difflam lozenges or strepsils. These are candy-like and anti-bacterial.

Avoid eating sweets as these could irritate your throat.

There is no substitute from being physically fit and your immune system in top shape. Be sure you get enough rest and have good nutrition. While unable to eat hard foods, eat soft nutritious foods. Intake of complete and balanced nutritional supplements will also help.