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Quickly Heal Irritated Skin – Itchy Red Flare


Here is a quick formula to heal irritated skin, specifically stop itchiness and redness of your skin that may be caused by allergic reaction to the heat of the sun, certain foods and contact with certain insects. Also works with skin asthma.

What you need:

* White Flower embrocation (you can get this from Amazon)
* clean drinking water


Wet the skin surface that is flaring red or itchy.

Get a drop of white flower embrocation into your finger tip and lightly rub on the wet skin surface. Let the cool menthol liquid from white flower mix well with the water on your skin. Do not apply the mentholated drop on dry skin as it could burn the skin. You should only feel a cooling effect.

Another way to do it is to get a small amount of clean water into a small container. Add a drop or two of White Flower. Apply the liquid on the itchy skin.

Wait a while and you should see the redness subside as your immune system stops firing those chemicals that cause redness. The itchiness will also stop.

Be Prepared

Always have White Flower Embrocation ready wherever you go. It has many uses not only for skin issues but even for the lungs such as allergic reaction to certain smells or cold exposure.