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Practical Ways to Maintain Flat Belly For Life

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Many are willing to undergo long physical training, buy expensive gadgets, take pills and follow crazy diets in order to lose weight and have a flat belly.

The sad thing – many who succeed at one point in time are not able to maintain it. This is not surprising.

Food temptations can sometimes be irresistible.  You relax  a little bit on the diet and promise yourself to make up for it later. There are also days when you are not up to your exercise routine. One lapse is followed by another and before you know it, you are back to your old flabby shape.

Looking at yourself in the mirror can be depressing; but the idea of going back to the previous rigorous exercises and diets can be daunting.

Good News!

The good news is that, it is possible to maintain flat belly without starving yourself or exercising like a horse.

We surveyed a number of elderly women who managed to remain trim and fit with flat bellies through the years. We share with you some interesting answers.

1. Stand Up For a While

Do not sit down or lie down after a meal. Remain standing for about 30 minutes. This will be good for your posture too.

2. Stomach-In

Make it a habit to breathe in every now and then, with stomach tucked-in maintaining a straight posture. This encourages muscle build-up in your abdomen. After some time, the proper breathing and posture will become a natural thing.

This is helpful for those who are seated in offices all day where there is a tendency to crouch so low or to slide down on the mighty chair, making the belly spread all over.

3. No Carbs at Night

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates-rich foods and increase your serving of fruits to get the feeling of fullness. Drinking plenty of water at the start of the meal also helps. Bottom line is – eat light at night.

4. Good Old Emu is Your Friend

When you notice that your belly is starting to bulge, do some light bending exercises or waist twisting dance to your favorite music for 3 to 5 minutes in the morning and at night. But before doing that, rub your belly with pure emu oil. Slightly massage the oil into the fatty area. When you begin to move, you will notice that said area gets warm and is more flexible than without the oil. Fat burning in the area is faster.

We also did some online research and picked the most doable advises with major health implications.

5. Be a Probiotics Pro

A happy gut inhabited with beneficial types of bacteria helps you to get unbloated, thus flattening your belly. The Readers’ Digest suggest taking probiotic food supplement or taking foods that promote the growth of good gut bacteria.

6. Use the Bathroom Daily

Bowels must be let out of your body daily to keep your colon healthy

However, we tend to rush for work in the morning and ignore the urge to go into the bathroom. When it becomes a habit, we end up with bloat-inducing constipation.

Procrastination is Your Enemy

Having a flat belly is good for your self-confidence and for your overall health. With the above tips, there should be no reason why you could not maintain a flat belly for life.

Do not wait for your belly to go large before taking action.


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